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IOEE Magazine - June 2020

As a proud member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) and an accredited IOEE Academy, we are always delighted to share and highlight content from the quarterly IoEE magazine. 


The IoEE continues to provide opportunities for individuals and organisations to develop their enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and expertise in order to maximise personal potential and a wider contribution to the growth and success of UK PLC.

In the latest issue for Quarter 2, Sarah Trouten, CEO of the IoEE,  shares her thoughts on working from home and how to get the most from the new working arrangements. She says: “The situation is likely to continue for some time, and may in fact lead to a permanent new way of working for many, so we thought we’d provide you with some helpful guidance and tips”.

Check out some great strategies for working from home, and how to look after your well being during these uncertain times.  There is an excellent Free Small Business Survival Tool Kit on pages 20/21.


Browse through the magazine by clicking on the image below and sign up for your own copy.

IOEE - Think Enterprise - Issue 31

Think Enterprise

IOEE Magazine - March 2020

MBL Academy has been a proud member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) and an accredited IOEE Academy for nearly four years. It has been a fascinating, challenging and rewarding journey and we are looking forward to being part of this wholly inclusive and supportive professional network for many years to come.


Since being included in the IOEE Best Practice Report in January 2019, sharing best practice across the IOEE network, we are delighted to feature in this month's IOEE Magazine to share the steady growth of MBL Academy into the delivery of B2B Enterprise Training for commercial businesses and public sector organisations. 


We deliver a range of IOEE SFEDI programmes all of which are built on the extensive research that underpins the SFEDI® National Occupational Standards.

As an accredited IOEE Academy, we recognise the needs of industry to develop enterprising and entrepreneurial individuals. Our programmes are designed to be flexible to support the sustainability and growth of business and the wider community.

Have a browse through the latest Think Enterprise magazine below and sign up for your own copy.


Click on the image below to flip through the magazine - see you on pages 24 and 25! 

MBL Academy - Think Enterprise
IOEE Mar 2020
IOEE Jun 2020
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