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SFEDI Assessor

Business Owner

MBL Academy - Jenny Bedward

Jenny is an established multi- business woman with over 20 years background experience in IT and businesses within the health and beauty industry. 


Jenny is experienced in managing and motivating staff members with responsibility for the development of administrative functions across corporate and private business environments .   


In addition to being a self-starter business woman, Jenny has experience within building  customer relations, team building, financial  forecast planning, and Business Enterprise.


Jenny is one of our key Assessors at MBL Academy due to her comprehensive range of knowledge, skills and experience in the enterprise sector. 


Jenny's strong work ethic and passion for supporting others brings the best out of all those she works with.  Jenny's positive win-win attitude, a willingness to go the extra mile to set goals, and support her clients throughout their accreditation, exceeds expectations on all levels. 

To contact Jenny send an email here.

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Jenny Bedward

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