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About MBL Academy

About the Academy

Midlands Business Leadership Academy (MBL Academy) is an innovative IOEE enterprise development academy for business support advisers and business leaders, providing professional business support qualifications for business advisers and effective leadership skills in business for entrepreneurs. 

At MBL Academy your development is our purpose and we know that business success comes from good quality support and good quality Leadership, which is why we are an approved IOEE Academy for the UK's first institute dedicated to developing and recognising enterprise support and entrepreneurial skills.


MBL Academy is approved to deliver SFEDI accredited courses in Business Enterprise, Mentoring and Consultancy. SFEDI Awards is the recognised qualification for those that seek to support and engage business entrepreneurs and enterprise owners.

We also provide business plan writing support for start up businesses and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through mentoring, action learning and leadership coaching, to ensure a person centred service is provided to new businesses that require support and advise.


About our Founder

MBL Academy Founder - Sue Bedward MSc CIPD

Sue Bedward is an MSc academically qualified coach and mentor, CIPD accredited trainer and Certified Business Assessor with a passion for professional leadership development and growth.

Following her own experience in Continued Professional Development (CPD) learning and business development, Sue founded the Midlands Business Leadership Academy in 2015 to enable business advisers to achieve accreditation, and to empower business owners to succeed through continuous leadership development, coaching and mentoring support.


This is supported by an authentic desire to inspire, nurture and empower others across the Business and Enterprise Communities in Support Advise, Careers and Business Information, Mentoring, Coaching and Consultation.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Midlands Business Leadership Academy (MBLA) Limited is a registered company that offers professional and personal bespoke development programmes to support business leadership and business advisers.

Our Vision - Why were different

Our core belief is that people are at the heart of business. Our vision is to provide professional enterprise learning and support through a one stop business community hub that offers  high quality information, diagnostic assessment, enterprise support, business mentoring, and coaching supervision for business enablers. Our philosophy is:

The quality of business support received can have a positive impact on the quality of business thinking. 

Midlands Business Academy - MBL Academy

Our Mission - How we deliver

MBL Academy delivers high quality business development and leadership support to all business enablers. 


By providing recognised accreditations and bespoke development programmes for business leaders and advisors, we are able to offer a combination of development pathways that support individuals to deliver organisational strategic business and personal excellence. 


Our Values - What we believe

The values of MBL Academy are centred around the word EVOLVE.

We will always provide a safe environment for our clients and encourage them to:


  • Explore their personal strengths and achievements 

  • Visualise their goals so that they can create new Opportunities to develop themselves and others.

  • Learn new skills that contribute towards a business community that Values others and respects diversity to deliver Excellence and transformational leadership.

Meet Our Team

Qualified Coaching & Mentoring Consultant

SFEDI Assessor

Lead Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)

MBL Academy - Stephen John Harris
MBL Academy - Jenny Bedward
MBL Academy Founder - Sue Bedward MSc CIPD
Meet Our Team
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