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Operations Director

Qualified Coaching & Mentoring Consultant

MBL Academy Founder - Sue Bedward MSc CIPD

Sue is an MSc academically qualified coach and mentor, CIPD accredited trainer and Certified Business Assessor with a passion for professional leadership development and growth. 

Sue's commitment to support the development journey of individuals transcends from her background in Board Development and Executive Coaching within NHS, being a STEM Ambassador in schools, a Tutor in Further Education and a Business Mentor, including working with Staffordshire Chamber’s 'Lets do Mentoring' programme. 


Each person Sue works with is front and centre in terms of their development journey from initial induction through to assessment and certification or achieving their set goals in their chosen careers and business enterprises.   


Sue drives the purpose of MBL Academy, which is to enhance the competence and skills of each learner based on evidence gathered through the assessment process. The aim is to encourage reflective practice and self-improvement as a business enabler, and to ensure high quality standards are maintained in the delivery of business support and enterprise services.

Sue's vision for MBL Academy is to ignite the individual's mind by providing the professional accreditation and mental stimulation to encourage personal growth, clarity and direction. See what others think about us and see LinkedIn for testimonials to Sue’s professional conduct.  Her philosophy is to develop the individual and then the business, as ‘without people – the business cannot exist.'

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Sue Bedward MSc CiPD

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