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Evaluate your leadership style, traits and skills

Our thoughts are hardwired to our emotions, so it is fundamental that our thinking environment engages with our heart and values to produce excellence in thinking. Your leadership style can also determine the success or failure of your business, so it is very important to understand how your thought processing routes back to your default behaviour when it comes to developing your Leadership skills.  

Our Colours Footprint psychometric profile is designed to develop your self-awareness and help you understand how your preferred style of leadership can impact your goals that determine your success.  By selecting the words that resonate closely with you the Colours Footprint profile can help identify your preferred style of leadership and provide valuable insight into your impact on others, setting goals and achieving your business success.

Types of Leadership Style

  • Intuitive Leaders prefer to work with their gut instincts and will make decisions with less details. 


  • Independent Leaders can sometimes come across as arrogant in their decision making process.


  • Rational Leaders may have a tendency to be risk averse and slow to reach a conclusive decision even when the clock is ticking.


  • Consultative Leaders can be too passive and expect others to make the final decision.





Other Psychometric Tests

Other Psychometric Tests are available, please contact us for further information.

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Leadership Style

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