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Business Planning

Business Plan Writing

Writing a good business plan can be time consuming, confusing and difficult to construct in a concise manner suitable for different stakeholders.


Every business needs a business plan for guidance on strategy, opportunities and action planning. Depending on your audience, you may need to adapt your core plan for potential lenders, partners, future employees, and other stakeholders.


We can help you to craft a business plan in a 7 step process that not only provides you with essential guidance for the day to day and successful future running of your business, but one that also achieves buy-in from other interested parties. 


Let us take the stress away from this vitally important process so that you can focus on running and growing your business.


Business Plan Support


We hold your hand throughout the entire process which means finding out about your business, understanding your needs and aspirations, and asking the right questions to fully support you in writing your business plan.


Step 1

Arrange an initial meeting to discuss your business and future aspirations. Discuss business plan format and financial planning so that we can create a bespoke template plan for your business and your stakeholder requirements. 


Step 2

After our call, we will send you our contract with an invoice for the deposit so that we can create a timeline and schedule for the project.


Step 3

As soon as the deposit payment is received, we will send you an action list for initial completion of your plan, any research required, financial costings to be carried out, and guidance on developing ideas discussed in the initial meeting.


Step 4

Arrange a second meeting to review and edit the first draft of your business plan with advice and guidance provided on any amendments, corrections or suggested additions. Discuss any queries and specific content required for different stakeholders.


Step 5

Send a second action list for completion of your plan with any further research or costings required. This will include guidance on indexing, and finalising your plan and any variations to a highly professional standard.


Step 6

When everything is completed and you are happy with your plan, we will send our final invoice at which point we can arrange a time for our follow up call.


Step 7

Follow up call to discuss any queries and outcomes.


Inclusive Price


A total investment of £595.00 per business plan with a 50% deposit following initial meeting.

Further Information

For further information or to arrange a time to talk through your business planning requirements, please contact us.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.


Paul J Meyer

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