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Personal Development

Individual Experiential Learning Model

Our Personal Development Programmes centre on you as an individual.

Our specially tailored programmes are designed around the experiential learning model - where every thought creates an action and reaction.


"Change is fundamentally about feelings" Duck [1998], so despite many of us being consciously committed to change, our subconscious emotions are usually the driving force behind why we very often fail to make the changes we commit to in life and in business.


One of these emotions is FEAR - fear of change or progress that can unknowingly prevent us from committing to the conscious changes we wish to integrate in achieving business and personal goals.

At MBL Academy we know that your thoughts are hard wired to your emotions so it is fundamental that your thinking environment engages with your heart to produce excellence in thinking. Our coaching, mentoring and development programmes therefore place your heart at the centre of your development, as we believe you can't take action without thinking the thought first - and the quality of your thoughts will determine the actions you take.

Your leadership style can also determine the success or failure of your business success, so it is very important to understand your go-to behaviour when it comes to leadership. 


  • Intuitive Leaders prefer to work with their gut instincts and will make decisions with less details. 

  • Independent Leaders can sometimes come across as arrogant in their decision making process.

  • Rational Leaders may have a tendency to be risk averse and slow to reach a conclusive decision even when the clock is ticking.

  • Consultative Leaders can be too passive and expect others to make the final decision.

Discover your Leadership Style by taking our free Psychometric Profile Test online. Use this opportunity to see what actions you need to take to be more effective in leading yourself and your business to the next level.  By taking our test you will see what words best describe you in terms of your leadership style, and if you add your contact details at the end of the test, we will contact you with a full report.


Find out more about our Mastermind Development Programmes and how to book your complementary consultation for a one to one personal development session by contacting us today!

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