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Unlocking Opportunity - FSB Report

In a recent report published by Federation of Small Business (FSB), recommendations have been made to support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) business owners in the recovery from COVID-19 crisis and says: “it is vital that the Government supports new to firm innovation”. 


The report entitled 'Unlocking Opportunity', published by the FSB last month highlights the important economic contribution made by BAME business led owners to the UK.  The research identified that the self-employment rate particularly in the Bangladeshi (19%) and Pakistani (25%) communities is higher than the all populace average rate of 15 per cent.


The Unlocking Opportunity Report was the first of two key research reports conducted to address systemic challenges faced by BAME businesses in the UK.  The second report is due to be released shortly, led by the All Party Parliamentary Group, Special Advisor Diana Chrouch, looks at the impact and the recovery of BAME Businesses from COVID-19.  


Midlands Business Leadership Academy is proud to be a black owned business and we are actively working towards ensuring that inclusively is integrated in the business support structure to collectively address the needs and challenges faced by BAME business owners highlighted in both of these key research documents. It is important that business support is accessible locally and is comprehensive in providing support in areas such as access to finance, leadership and management training, international trade, mentoring circles and support to build and develop new skills. 


MBL Academy is actively working with the SFEDI Group, the IoEE and other organisations to ensure that inclusivity is integrated into the business support structure, specifically to collectively address the needs and challenges faced by BAME business owner.

Please contact us to request the report and we will send the PDF/link by return.

Unlocking Opportunity

Federation of Small Business (FSB)

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