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What are the benefits?

MBL Academy - Peer to Peer Business Mentoring

Midlands Business Leadership Academy was delighted to be invited to present a case study of the benefits of Peer to Peer Mentoring for a webinar hosted by SFEDI Awards on 18th August. 


Recent calls have been made for the Government to consider its investment in creating effective mentoring circles and Peer to Peer Mentoring groups to support business owners in the recovery of COVID-19. 


The webinar was an opportunity to:

  1. Review what we already know about Peer to Peer Mentoring 

  2. Learn from practice 

  3. Share tips and techniques to consider when developing Peer to Peer mentoring schemes.  


It was a great turn out of attendees who raised questions about cross-cultural mentoring and mentoring diverse groups.  Midlands Business Leadership Academy would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Ruth Lowbridge, Chair of SFEDI Group and Leigh Sear, CEO of SFEDI Solutions for hosting this event and inviting us to share our case study to highlight and address some of these key issues in the training and mentoring development process.

SFEDI Awards will be running more of these events so look out for further details on Eventbrite, and we will keep you up to date in our next newsletter - you can sign up below!

We provide training in mentoring through our SFEDI Level 5 Certificate in Professional Services programme.


If you  would like to find out more, please contact us today!

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Sue Bedward |  MBL Academy

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