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What defines a great leader?

Leadership Insights - Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee

When we think about leadership we often think of the characteristics of great leaders, and the wide range of skills and behaviours such as integrity, honesty, empathy, resilience and authenticity needed to inspire and motivate others. To be driven by such values, and to become recognised as a values-driven leader sets an example for us all, and explains why, not everyone can be a great leader. 


One leader who stands out for me is my mentor, and friend. A woman who inspires and leads authentically with integrity, honesty and conviction.  Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee has been teaching leadership for 30 years and as a valued advocate of MBL Academy, we asked her: 


‘What is the most important characteristic that defines a great leader?’


Neslyn very generously gave us an insightful and comprehensive answer, a gift that we are delighted to share with you here - something we can all learn from and take note of:


‘A great leader is highly aware - awareness of values, ethics, passion and what s/he stands for, is forthright, communicates with soul, and is empathetic and optimistic. A great leader recognises that every person has a gift and often the challenge is to find the pearl that is hidden within the person. The challenge of leadership is to be strong to be able to think with the heart, feel with the head, be humble but not timid, to acknowledge ones achievement without arrogance and to learn from mistakes. 


Great leaders are able to refrain from human habits that lower vibrations such as: criticism, condemnation, blame, gossip and judgement. Great leaders remember that expectations determine outcomes.’

MBL Academy

MBL Academy is honoured to be a sponsor and to support the forthcoming Womens Economic Forum #WEF2020 All Ladies League West Midlands Conference which will be held in Birmingham and chaired by Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee CBE FCGI FRCN, founder of  Beacon Organisational Development


So please stay tuned by signing up for our monthly updates below - it’s going to be an amazing event for Summer 2020.

Leadership Insights

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee |  Womens Economic Forum (WEF)

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