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SFEDI Graduate starts new enterprise


MBL Academy was excited to catch up with SFEDI Accredited Business Adviser Sarah Ashford.  Sarah shares her journey since her SFEDI graduation in 2015. Now 6 years on, she explains why her accreditation is still as relevant today as it was when she graduated.  Embarking on a new journey, Sarah has started her own company Blue Garnet, which she set up to provide businesses with information and support, in particular around helping businesses understand R&D Tax credit.  


Sue Bedward, Founder and Director of MBL Academy, said  “I am extremely proud of Sarah, who was one of the exceptional business advisers I assessed over the many years of delivering Business Enterprise accreditation assessments.  I am fortunate to have had the privilege and honour of supporting others in their development journey and met some wonderful inspirational people along the way.  As someone who is passionate about learning and development, I founded MBL Academy 6 years ago when as a freelancer, one of my first SFEDI graduates was Sarah, who inspired me to step out on my vision of running my own training company, with  nothing more than a vision, a mission and a prayer.  I am grateful to Sarah and delighted that we have stayed connected over the years".  Sarah now shares her story, and explains why she still values her SFEDI accreditation 6 years on and how it has contributed to starting her own business Blue Garnet. 

Find out more about Sarah's new business Blue Garnet here.

SFEDI Graduate 6 Years On....

Sarah Ashford, Accredited Business Advisor, Blue Garnet

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