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Supporting Black Business Owners to Thrive



CJ Webley, Founder and CEO of the Black Pounds Project, launched the project to make it possible for black business owners, however small, to access the business and financial support that will help them to kick start or grow their business. He told us  “We want to break down barriers and build up trust and confidence within the black business community.  Our business support service is unique, in that we provide cultural intelligence in working alongside black owned businesses at this unprecedented time".  CJ, who founded the project through self-finance and crowdfunding seven months ago is passionate about helping his community's economic growth and social progression.  "Government and financial institutions have the data and research as evidence that black business owners are marginalised and have been hit hardest by COVID-19 in health, support and financeThe Black Pounds Project wants to help all applicants to access the services, but without investment and funding we are forced to turn some businesses away".  


We are extremely proud of what CJ has achieved in such a short space of time and wish all of the participants on Cohort 1 every success with their business. The project is looking for investors and is running a donations campaign so everyone can donate their small change to make big changes.  To donate to the project please click here or contact CJ on if you would like to make an investment to the Project.  See the website for more info.

The Black Pounds Project

1st Cohort 2021

"Big Changes comes from Small Change" 

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