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MBL Academy - Cannock Chamber Networking

Networking with Chamber members: (Left to Right) Maxine Huie, Reach Solutions, Emma Phipps, Kaweb, Sue Bedward, MBL Academy, Le’Siran Edwards, Woman Power

When it comes to networking do you find it works for you or is it just hard work mingling to find someone with common ground in a room filled with strangers?  


When I first started in business I would make it a mission to go to as many networking events as possible but after a few years of never actually making a sale from networking events I knocked it on the head.  


It was with interest, however, that I attended a Greater Birmingham Chambers networking event last week hosted by Cannock Chamber of Commerce. With so many developments taking place at MBL over the last few years, and with so much to share about the business and enterprise world in general, I thought this event would be perfect for meeting like-minded people, and I was right!


I met some fantastic business women who have been making great progress despite all the uncertainty, and who are now, like me, reaching out to see how we can work together and build even stronger foundations for the future.


I was very impressed with the way Pam Wallis of Cannock Chamber of Commerce facilitated the event to enable the right people to meet each other and get to know each other. It was a strong reminder that if we see networking events purely as a selling platform we are missing a golden opportunity to connect with people with similar passions and interest.


My special thanks to these amazing ladies I had the opportunity to connect with and maybe even collaborate with in the future.  We are now connected on LinkedIn and we hope you join us too (links below).

Maxine Huie of Reach Solutions

Emma Phipps of Kaweb

Le’Siran Edwards of Woman Power

I’m going to coin a brilliant phase used by Le’Siran on LinkedIn: ‘Collaboration over Competition’ - now that’s the power of networking! 


Find out more about the Cannock Chase Chamber of Commerce and future events on their events calendar. When it comes to supporting local business you are in the best hands and if you are working in the area, I highly recommend giving them a call about membership.


I hope that your networking helps you to make the connections that matter most. 

Sue Bedward, MBL Founder

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