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Supporting Black Business Owners to Thrive

The Black Pounds Project

Midlands Business Leadership Academy is excited to support the Black Pounds Project and this week I had the privilege to meet Project Founder, C J Webley and Project Manager, Jen Griffiths to discuss the work being done to highlight the importance of supporting black businesses and developing a support network to enable black business owners to not just 'Survive' but to 'Thrive' through the current economic challenges.   


The Government has recognised that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on the Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority Community members.  There are also emerging reports identifying a disproportionate impact of BAME business owners, have been affected by COVID-19.  C J added,  “At present, there are currently approximately 59,000 black people residing in Birmingham and approximately 1,846,614 in the whole of England, so just imagine... if we all donated £2, what we could do with that money in order to support the black community.  Our proposal is to simply get as many people as possible to donate £2. Compile a list of registered black owned SME businesses in the West Midlands and use the funds to support their digital strategies and facilitate business owners with the essential skills to become legally and regulatory compliant". 


Mentoring, coaching and business support will pay a key part in the structural delivery of the project.  Supporting the Black Pound Project is supporting Black Businesses to support the economic recovery.


To see how much has been raised and if you would like to donate to the Black Pounds Project to help reach its funding target, please visit


If you are interested in mentoring, coaching or providing business support please reach out to CJ Webley on Linkedin, or send an email to for general enquiries.

The Black Pounds Project

Sue Bedward, MBL Academy

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