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Sfedi Awards are the leading organisation in providing professional qualifications in business and enterprise support. MBL Academy is proud to be an approved IoEE Academy to deliver Sfedi Courses at level 1 for education enterprise and from level 5 to level 7 for those professional business advisers that support new business start-up or enterprise development. If you help others get their business off the ground or provide mentorship or consultancy to business enterprise but have no formal recognition of your skills or need to establish your creditability with clients then speak to us about our Sfedi Courses.

Course prices start from £849.00 and includes:-

  • Registration
  • Candidate induction program
  • Candidates Portfolio
  • 1-2-1 Personal Assessor Support
  • Complimentary Executive Coaching Session as part of your ongoing CPD
  • 1 year membership to IoEE *not included on Level 1 course

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As an IoEE Academy for business support advisers and business leaders - MBL Academy provides a holistic development service. We believe that business success starts with vision, passion and strong leadership. Our leadership and board development programs are bespoke and structured around your business goals.

A solid foundation is key to building a successful business and our business development philosophy is to build on the strengths of your organisation. Our E3 diagnostic assessment process will provide you with an opportunity to Examine the skills set in your leadership team, Explore the possible opportunities and Execute a plan of action. We can also offer assistance and support with writing your business plan and can work with you to identify Big Assumptions that may be the real barrier to your business success.

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"Until we are free to think for ourselves, our dreams are not free to unfold" - N. Kline

Our Personal development programs centres on the individual and is designed around the experiential learning model - where every thought creates an action and reaction. "Change is fundementally about feelings" - Duck (1998), so despite many of us being consciously committed to change, our subconscious emotions are usually the driving force behind why we very often fail to make the changes we commit to in life and in business. One of these emotions is FEAR - fear of change or progress can unknowingly prevent us from commiting to the conscious changes we wish to integrate in achieving business and personal goals.

At MBL Academy we know that your thoughts are 'hard wired' to your emotions so it is fundamental that your thinking environment engages with your heart to produce excellence in thinking. Our coaching, mentoring and development programs place Your heart at the centre of your development, as we believe you can't take action without thinking the thought first - and the quality of your thoughts will determine the actions you take.

Ignite your mind today and book your complementary consultation for your one to one personal development session or sign up for one of our Mastermind Development Programs here